Aged Care Approvals Round. (ACAR)

Are you an approved provider of residential aged care or short-term restorative care (STRC)?

If so, you can apply for Australian Government-subsidised places through an ACAR. Residential aged care providers can also apply for capital grants to build or upgrade facilities.

As a nation, we’re getting older. Far more Australians will need aged care services as time goes on, because our population is ageing rapidly. Residents deserve to feel supported in a nurturing environment that feels like home.

The 2020 ACAR invitation to apply has commenced. The application period will run from 18 December 2020 to 18 March 2021. Approved providers of residential aged care and flexible care can apply. You can also apply if you’re planning to become an approved provider of these services. But we cannot decide on your ACAR application until you have approved provider status.

Why ACARs are important

ACARs allow the Australian Government to

  • plan the number of residential aged care and STRC places it subsidises
  • increase subsidised places to meet the needs of our ageing population
  • balance subsidised places across city, regional and remote areas
  • focus on priority needs
  • make sure providers of subsidised aged care meet high standards

1/ Privacy and space for permanent or semi-permanent residents.

Additional funding can mean improved privacy or personal space with a custom-designed modification to existing or additional rooms. Our in-house architect at Coverite is able to design comfortable and modern spaces to achieve maximum functionality and purpose for your centres growing needs.

2/ Keeping familiarity at the forefront.

Dementia patients thrive on familiarity and routine. Familiar surroundings for remote or isolated dementia patients also proves to be a key component in their treatment and a primary objective for most care centres while also easing the added concerns of loved ones. With specialised design, Coverite can create the perfect space for your residents to participate in important cognitive activities whilst remaining close to family and community.

3/ Strengthening and reinforcing infection control and prevention.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that sanitation and hygiene measures need to be cutting edge to reduce the communicability of contagions. Coverite is able to deliver, install and construct market-leading equipment and disinfection infrastructure with the ability to reduce the impact of contamination and infections.

4/ Ease the financial burden.

Unpredictable events such as COVID, flood, and bush fires also bring with them financial stress to centres that are impacted by unforeseen circumstances. Allocating an increased budget to this area eases the economic tension to your centre. Our knowledgeable team at Coverite is able to help you plan and construct preventative measures should an escalation of long or short term places be required.

5/ Staying ahead of forever changing practices and guidelines.

Our ever-increasing older population also brings a greater need for aged care. Planning for the future ensures that our beloved older generation has better choices and care available. Coverite are able to provide a detailed plan and construction to aid in the management and execution of the forever changing practices and guidelines within the aged care system.

6/ Beat the deadline.

Applying for funding can be an overwhelming or daunting process to say the least. If you are unsure if you meet the criteria specified by ACAR, or just need guidance and advice, our experienced team at Coverite are able to help. If however, you do meet the criteria, apply for funding today. The deadline of 18 March 2021 is fast approaching.


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